“My mom RAVED.LOVED.Was Awestruck by your magnificent cake!!”
– Massiel ~ Tres Leches

“Megan, Thank you so much for the AMAZING, gorgeous wedding cake – We got nothing by rave reviews – everyone said it was the most delicious wedding cake they ever tasted (no matter what layer they had.)”
– Sharon (Mother of the Bride) ~ Snowflake Wedding Cake

“The Halloween cupcakes were awesome, you are so talented.”
– Pat ~ Halloween Cupcakes

“I was able to enjoy this FANTASTIC cake, made by a fellow Saskatoon Blogger — from Sugar Bites! This was SERIOUSLY the BEST BEST BEST money I spent for a cake EVER (including my wedding cake) and money well spent. It was the most CHOCOLATLY Chocolate cake EVER!”
– Pam ~ Chocolatey Sunflower Cake

“This was such a fabulous cake…looked amazing and tasted great. It totally made the party, and I didn’t have to stress about getting a cake done while trying to do all the other party prep. Next time you are having a special occassion you should consider having Sugar Bites bake your cake or treats! It made our party….well SUPER!”
– Tracie ~ Super Six Cake


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