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Pirate Ship Birthday Cake

I love doing kids birthday cakes! Especially for these two! I’ve made ALL of their birthday cakes so far:

Noah’s First Birthday

Noah’s Second Birthday

Everett’s First Birthday

Noah’s Third Birthday

This year because their birthdays are so close they shared a really fun pirate birthday!


I started with 4 9 x 13 cakes – 2 chocolate butter cakes and 2 white butter cakes. They were stacked and filled with Swiss meringue buttercream.


Then the whole thing was iced with Swiss meringue buttercream…


And covered in brown fondant.

I meant to take more photos along the way, but I got really into it and forgot. I pressed a wood grain mat onto the brown fondant to add dimension. I added some copper pieces and made a little cannon and treasure chest out of cake. The flags were printed onto paper and stuck onto skewers.


The cannon balls were little dragees and the plank was a piece of Bernard Callebaut chocolate that I had lying around. The little figures were made of fondant and gum paste and painted with food colouring. I covered the board with marbled blue fondant and then coated it with some piping gel to add shine and waves then sprinkled some blue sprinkles on it.




I left the figures unattached so we could place them anywhere for photos or the boys could grab them (which they did!)


Tasha did a great job decorating and had some really fun pirate stuff to play with!


The boys loved their cake. I think Everett just wanted to play with it!


There was a lot of cake left over…I may have over estimated how much was needed. Oh well…can never have too much cake!

Happy birthday guys! Can’t wait for next year!

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Birch Stump Wedding Cake

A while back, a friend of a friend asked if I could make a birch stump cake for her wedding. I said yes because that sounded like a fun cake! Then I thought I should practice…boy I’m glad I did!

Test cake #1


Test cake #1 had potential, but the paint job didn’t make me happy. But it gave me a good place to start. I also took the opportunity to test using Swiss meringue buttercream under fondant. I’m so glad I did! It’s completely changing how my cakes look (and taste) for the better!

Test cake #2


I went to a friend’s place for a craft party. Since I don’t really do crafts, I thought it would be a good chance to try this cake again. This one turned out much better than test cake #1. But I learned a lot about what I could do differently for the actual cake.

The real thing


For this “paint” job, I used some lighter colours and got the more natural look I was looking for.


Because this cake was fairly small, I stacked it before adding the bark layer of fondant. The design didn’t lend itself to adding a border to hide any gaps, so I wanted to get the fondant as close between tiers as possible. After adding the “bark”, I used a tool to tear the fondant to give it that birch look before painting with food colouring.


I LOVED the end result! I “painted” the torn spots with brown food colouring then went back over it with a bit of water. Then I painted a bit of black food colouring onto a paper towel and dabbed it in some places to add a bit of a realistic look. I CAREFULLY painted the underside off the “peeling” bark sections with brown and touched up the torn edge with some black. I made some leaves and sticks out of fondant to add a bit more decoration.




This turned out to be one of my favourite cakes. Thanks for letting me make your wedding cake Heidi!

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Catching up

Hello everyone,

Sorry I haven’t been posting lately. It’s been an interesting year.

OFFICIAL NEWS: As of July, I am no longer taking new cake orders. I’ve deliberately slowed down a lot over the past year because it’s getting difficult to have a full time job AND do the cake thing. It’s exhausting!

UNOFFICIAL NEWS: I will still make cakes. For friends and family. And if you don’t fall in that category but have a really cool idea for a cake, please send it to me! If I have the time and it’s a really great idea, I can be enticed 🙂

Here’s what I’ve been up to for cakes this year.

R2D2 Cake:

At work I held a bake sale to raise money for the MS Walk. I made this cake and auctioned it off. I have wanted to make R2D2 again since I made one for my husband. I’m learning more each time. I would still love to give it another go. This guy ended up a little lumpy and I think I know how to fix that now.


I started with more cake this time around to make him the right shape.


I like using this little toy as my R2D2 model 🙂




Yeah yeah the legs are lumpy. I know. I used rice krispy squares to make them and I should have crushed up the rice krispies a little more. Live and learn 🙂


Zach bought the cake. I think he kind of liked it.

zu Cake:

I made this cake for the talent show that all new employees have to do at the annual summer party. I was going to sing a song, but my voice went out a week before so I made a cake instead. I think it went over better than a song would have!

The top tier was VERY pink strawberry cake and was made to look like the wall that is behind the reception desk at zu. You can see it in the picture of Zach with the R2D2 cake. The bottom tier was painted with food colouring to look like bricks because zu is in a really cool old brick building.

Solstice 2012

Solstice 2012

I won the talent show 🙂

Roma Cake:

At zu we had a client come in to meet with us and I offered to make a cake for their visit. I didn’t give myself a lot of time though! But I think this turned out pretty good.


Roma BBQ Lunch

They liked it!

Roma BBQ Lunch

That’s what I’ve been up to lately. I start a new job on Monday. Yes. Another one. It’s a long story, but I think I’ll finally be doing something I like at a great company. A good fit all around.

Keep watching the site and Facebook page. I say I’m done, but I’m not really done. I’ll be around!


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Sunshine in Winter

This post isn’t about a cake, but I’m pretty proud of my cookies!

Earlier this week it was in the -30 to -40 range in Saskatoon. I’ve been spending a lot of time at home and I thought it might be fun to get together with some friends. I put it out there fully expecting to have it at our place, but kind of hoping our friend with some adorable kittens might offer up her home. And she did! So a bunch of us got together to have a “Sunshine and Hot Chocolate” party. I found out some of our friends hadn’t seen the movie Little Miss Sunshine which is one of my favorites, so we watched that and had hot chocolate to stay warm.

We had hot chocolate with a lot of yummy toppings, lemonade, popcorn, lemon squares, angel food cake, and since I had some time I decided to make some Little Miss Sunshine sugar cookies.


I got a photo from the web and printed it out. Since I didn’t have a cookie cutter in the shape I wanted, I cut out a white area around Little Miss Sunshine and used that as my template to cut out cookies with a knife. I also made some cute flowers in the style of Roger Hargreaves. I noticed all of the flowers in his books are white with yellow centers so that’s what I did. I used runny royal icing to fill in the white, yellow and red of the cookies and then piped black royal icing for the details. My hands were so sore! But I love the results!


The table looked lovely and sunny. It was lovely for a chilly winter day.


And hanging out with kittens was a bonus 🙂

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Mom’s Wedding

Happy New Year!

My trip was fantastic! Christmas was great! I didn’t do the gingerbread house thing this year. But next year for sure!

Mom’s wedding was great. Really nice and mellow and sweet. I was happy to be able to make their wedding cake!

I used the colours of mom’s dress and the matching silk flowers we picked out as inspiration for the cake. I had attempted to make gum paste flowers to match the silk ones, but I couldn’t get them quite right so because of that and because the wedding was on Boxing Day I decided to just use the silk flowers. I think they worked out better.





I love mom’s dress! We shopped for it early in the summer. It’s a lovely silk and she added a gold mesh sweater over top of it.


The cake was alternating layers of lemon and blueberry filled with blueberry filling. The whole cake was iced with coconut Italian meringue buttercream to add to the Hawaiian theme. Then I covered the whole cake in white fondant and decorated it with the silk flowers.


Mom and her husband are now two weeks in to a month long honeymoon in Hawaii.

Congratulations mom and Don! I was so happy I was able to do your cake and be a part of your wedding.

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2011 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Syndey Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 8,200 times in 2011. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 3 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

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See you in 2012!

Well folks, I realize it’s only October 21, but I’ve got a busy end of the year this year!

1. POSSIBLY making a gingerbread house for the Saskatoon Festival of Trees…I’ve never made a real gingerbread house from scratch and I’m going to have to test it out before I sign up! But if I do it, that will keep me busy in the beginning of November!

2. DEFINITELY going on a trip to Washington DC to see my friend Preston (who I made the fossil cake for this summer)! I’ll be gone for almost 2 weeks at the end of November/beginning of December! I’m very excited to see as much of DC as I can and I also get to go to Carnegie Hall in New York!

3. Christmas. Enough said.

4. My mom’s wedding! My mom is getting married on Boxing Day and along with helping her execute her wedding plans, I’m also making her wedding cake.

So all that being said, I will not be taking any more cake orders for 2011. I have way too much on the go, and as most of you probably know, Sugar Bites isn’t my “real job”. I work full time at PrimeWest Mortgage and the cake thing is just in my spare time…which I won’t really have for the rest of 2011!

I will post the gingerbread house if that actually works out and I will definitely post mom’s wedding cake!

For now I’ll leave you with some links to a couple of my very first cakes:

Super Six Cake – This was really one of my VERY FIRST decorated cakes. I’m still pretty proud of it. I was JUST learning how to work with fondant. In fact, the superhero logos may have been the first things I made outside of class out of fondant. It was also my first lesson in transporting cakes and building custom shapes and what NOT to do. It all turned out great in the end though!

Big Comfy Cake – This was my VERY FIRST funky shaped cake. I’m still very proud of it! It was also a lesson in fondant and cake stability and learning that it’s actually OKAY to throw away cake scraps. It was also my first attempt at gum paste figures. I think I’ve come a long way and learned NOT to use Wilton gum paste (it dries WAY too fast) and learned how much colour it actually takes to make red haha.

I hope you enjoy looking back to 2008 with me. And I hope you have a lovely Fall and Christmas! I’ll try and post again this year, but if I don’t…happy New Year!


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Noah’s 3rd Birthday!

I was so happy to be able to do Noah’s 3rd birthday cake! I did his first birthday cake and his second birthday cake and just did his little brother Everett’s first birthday cake a couple weeks ago.

Noah’s mom sent me a couple of pictures with a similar design. I liked the idea because Noah loves his cars! And this way he could kind of play with his cake!


The cake was deep dark chocolate cake filled with cream cheese icing. What can I say…I had some left over from the wedding cake! You can never have too much cream cheese icing!


It was iced with buttercream and covered in fondant. All decorations were fondant. The road was covered with black sprinkles to look like asphalt.


I think Noah liked it! Unfortunately I missed the party. I was pooped from making cake all week and going to the wedding yesterday. I’ll see you soon Noah! Happy birthday!

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Brent & Jodi’s Wedding Cake

This cake was a bit of a last minute wedding cake, but I couldn’t say no to family!

Brent and Jodi got a hold of me a couple months ago and sent me this picture of a cake they found online that they liked. I’m not sure where this photo originated or who actually made it, but it sure is a popular cake photo!


Since it was short notice and I wasn’t quite sure how I would construct a stand to put the cake upside down like that without some testing and working with someone, I suggested the same design but inverted. Jodi’s wedding dress was silver, her maid of honour’s dress was navy blue and her bridesmaids wore red, so I incorporated those colours in place of the browns. I think it turned out great!


The top tier of this cake was 3 layers of carrot cake, the middle tier was 4 layers of lemon cake and the bottom tier was 3 layers of red velvet cake. All tiers were filled with cream cheese icing, then carved to shape before being iced with buttercream icing and covered in white fondant.


I brushed silver pearl dust over all of the tiers to add a silvery shine. The dots and rings were made of fondant and some of gum paste. Silver dragees added another touch of sparkle.


The topper scared me a little bit. I should have made it MUCH sooner than I did and given it more time to dry. When it came time to put it together it was still pretty fragile. So I ended up making a support out of corrugated plastic and gluing all of the decorations onto the support with royal icing. I’m glad I did because without it I’m sure it would have fallen over! The topper was made of mostly gum paste, but some fondant.


The wedding was beautiful and Brent and Jodi looked so happy!


Congratulations Brent and Jodi! I’m so glad I was able to do your cake and take part in your special day!


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Everett’s First Birthday

Last month was my little buddy Everett’s first birthday! I did his brother Noah’s first AND second birthday cakes and will be doing his third birthday cake in a couple weeks!

But even though Noah LOVED Everett’s cake, this one was for Everett 🙂


I made a 3 layer 10″ deep dark chocolate cake filled and iced with chocolate buttercream and covered in fondant.


The decorations were all made out of fondant. The stars were star shaped sprinkles. I brushed a bit of silver pearl dust on the clouds so they were a little shiny. And I “airbrushed” the sky a little bit with some blue spray colour to give it a little more visual interest.


Noah loved his brother’s cake! Everett didn’t really know what was going on, but he ate some of the cake!



This was all the cake we ate at the party. The cake was a little bigger than I had thought hahah! But Grant and Tasha had lots of cake left over to share with daycare and to snack on themselves!

Now I have a brief break and then a CRAZY week of doing Noah’s cake AND a giant wedding cake. So I’m resting up!

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