Posted by: sugarbitescakes | September 15, 2013

Super Avengers Cake

Every year I get to do a cake or two for our friends’ kids. Their birthdays are close so last year I made a Pirate Ship Birthday Cake for their shared birthday party.

This year their dad requested an Avengers cake and sent me THIS as an idea:


Because that cake would feed their entire neighbourhood, I scaled it back a tad.

But I had an idea that would make it Super…

The finished cake looked like this. But along the way I tried to think of ways to make the top light up like Iron Man’s chest. I had my husband search for flashlights and other lights and thought of ways to do it, but it ended up being right under my nose.


We have wireless LED lights in our storage room. Perfect! I cleaned one up, set it in a tupperware container, and set that inside the cake. I covered the light with gum paste to get the right light pattern (husband’s idea!) and was able to control the light wirelessly with a switch. My first time using electronics in a cake!


I was excited to get everyone’s reaction. Because it was covered in gum paste, you couldn’t tell there was a light in there. I couldn’t stop turning my cake on and off.


We got it to the party and set it on the table. They boys loved their Super cake!



The pictures didn’t show the light very well, so I took a quick video to show it off:

Happy birthday Noah and Everett! I’m so glad I’ve been able to make ALL of your birthday cakes!



  1. That is all kinds of awesome!

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