Posted by: sugarbitescakes | August 25, 2013

Super Mario Cake

For not doing cakes anymore, I’m actually pretty busy doing cakes. When a co-worker asked me if I could do a cake for his son’s birthday, I very nearly said no. However, he read my blog and saw that I can be enticed with a fun idea for a cake and said he was thinking of a Super Mario cake. So of course I said yes! I’ve wanted to do a Super Mario cake for years.

The family decided on a 2 tier cake. One tier in the shape of a pipe and one with the Mario background on it.

I started with 3 layers of 6″ round white butter cake and 2 layers of 10″ round chocolate butter cake. Both were filled and iced with vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream before being covered in fondant.


For the pipe tier, I cut 2 layers of cake a little smaller than 6″ and left the last layer full size to make it look like a Mario pipe. I covered the pipe with pieces of fondant to keep the edges sharp.


The family gave me some Mario toys to use as the topper.


After stacking the pipe on top of the bottom tier, I added some royal icing clouds around the pipe. I found a few pictures of Mario backgrounds on Google Images to use as a reference.

I cut all of the shapes of the blocks, coins, hills, clouds, vine and trees by hand and placed them on the cake. The bottom border was 66 blocks all the way around.


After placing the decorations, I hand painted everything with gel food colouring.


I was really happy with the end result.


Yep…I hand painted all 66 border blocks. I almost left them bare, but I’m glad I decided to paint them.



The Super Jack sign was made of hand cut letters and a background all made of fondant. Those pieces were all left to harden overnight and put together with royal icing before being attached to the pipe with royal icing.

This was a fun cake to make. Thanks Chad! Happy Birthday Jack!


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