Posted by: sugarbitescakes | October 28, 2012

Air Force Tattoo Cake

My father-in-law Don’s birthday is on Halloween. So we had a party for him today. I wasn’t sure what to for him since I had already made the Harley Davidson logo for him a few years ago. This year he got a great tattoo of the Royal Canadian Air Force logo with his service number and years of service with the air force as well as his father’s service number and years of service. I decided to re-create his tattoo on cake.

I made 2 layers of red velvet cake and iced and filled it with Swiss meringue buttercream before covering it with white fondant.

I’ve gotten bad at taking photos of the cake progress. I got so into painting that I forgot to take pictures.

This is the cake next to a printout of the logo.


The entire logo was painted freehand from looking at the logo and a photo of Don’s tattoo. The only thing I “traced” was the outside of the circle to make sure I got the proportions right. I “traced” it by poking holes in the printout, lining up the logo where I wanted it on the cake, then poked the toothpick through the holes into the fondant for a guide.



Here is the painted logo (with additions) beside the actual logo.



I looked at this photo of Don’s tattoo to get the additions.



Before we cut into the cake I got a picture of the tattoo next to the cake.



Happy Birthday Don!


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