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Last Post

I’ve decided that since I don’t do cakes as a business much anymore, I’m not going to update this blog anymore. Thanks to those who have followed it over the years!

Feel free to go back through my posts OR just check out my Flickr album which WILL be updated whenever I do cakes for family and friends. I plan to keep up my hobby, just not the blog.

As a farewell, here are photos of the last two cakes I did. Another Ferrari cake for my nephew’s graduation from grade 12, and a film cake for a friend’s kid who was accepted into film school.

More photos of these cakes are in my Flickr album.



Thanks again for following. Make sure to watch my Flickr page and follow my page on Facebook. Goodbye blog!

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2013 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 6,700 times in 2013. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 6 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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Ferrari Cake

A friend of ours asked a long time ago if I could make a Ferrari cake for her boy who was turning 10. I’ve been itching to make a car cake for a while so I said YES!

The specific car she wanted was a Ferrari Berlinetta.

Very nice! I did my best to do it justice.

I started by carving the shape into some chocolate butter cake. I printed out profile views of the car and used them to get the correct shape as best as I could.


Then I iced the car with chocolate Swiss meringue buttercream.


I missed taking a few pictures after that. I covered the window parts, tire parts and bumper parts with black fondant before covering the entire car with red fondant. Then I cut away the windows, tire areas and bumper parts. I used fondant tools to make the outline of the hood and to indent places I wanted to indent to give the car it’s shape.


I made some small details out of fondant and gum paste and left them off to the side to dry.


Once the pieces were assembled, I had a pretty nice looking little Ferrari cake.








The birthday boy was thrilled and the kids devoured the cake in about 10 seconds. It was totally worth it. I’d love to do another car cake sometime!

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Icing Smiles – Rainbow Cake

Earlier this year I signed up with Icing Smiles. It’s a great charity where bakeries or home bakers can sign up and be contacted when families of sick kids need a cake for a birthday or other celebration. I signed up and didn’t hear anything for a long time. Then I got a request, but wasn’t able to do it at the time it was needed. I thought they’d never ask again.

Then I got another request that I had time to do. It was for a sweet 4 year old named Tegan who was diagnosed with Acute lymphoblastic leukemia when she was just 2 and a half. The request was for a party to celebrate Tegan’s end of chemotherapy and her 5th birthday. The way Icing Smiles works is that the family can request a theme, but the baker gets artistic license with that theme. Tegan wanted “rainbows”. So I gave her rainbows!


I started with brightly coloured white cake in rainbow colours. They turned out better and brighter than I ever thought they would.



Then I covered the bright layers with plain old white Swiss meringue buttercream and covered it with plain old white fondant.


At this point I still wasn’t sure what I was going to do. After looking at lots of pictures of rainbow cakes, I decided on rainbow hearts.


I used rainbow sprinkles and some pearl dust to bring some sparkle to the cake.


I don’t usually like to write on my cakes, but the family wanted writing and this wording was so worth it!


With the timing of the cake I wasn’t sure if I was going to actually meet Tegan, but her mom brought her by to pick up the cake! I was so happy to have the chance to meet this brave little girl!


Tegan’s mom sent pictures of the inside of the cake after they cut it.


Doing this first cake for Icing Smiles was totally worth it. I will most definitely do as many as I can in the future.


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Super Avengers Cake

Every year I get to do a cake or two for our friends’ kids. Their birthdays are close so last year I made a Pirate Ship Birthday Cake for their shared birthday party.

This year their dad requested an Avengers cake and sent me THIS as an idea:


Because that cake would feed their entire neighbourhood, I scaled it back a tad.

But I had an idea that would make it Super…

The finished cake looked like this. But along the way I tried to think of ways to make the top light up like Iron Man’s chest. I had my husband search for flashlights and other lights and thought of ways to do it, but it ended up being right under my nose.


We have wireless LED lights in our storage room. Perfect! I cleaned one up, set it in a tupperware container, and set that inside the cake. I covered the light with gum paste to get the right light pattern (husband’s idea!) and was able to control the light wirelessly with a switch. My first time using electronics in a cake!


I was excited to get everyone’s reaction. Because it was covered in gum paste, you couldn’t tell there was a light in there. I couldn’t stop turning my cake on and off.


We got it to the party and set it on the table. They boys loved their Super cake!



The pictures didn’t show the light very well, so I took a quick video to show it off:

Happy birthday Noah and Everett! I’m so glad I’ve been able to make ALL of your birthday cakes!

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Super Mario Cake

For not doing cakes anymore, I’m actually pretty busy doing cakes. When a co-worker asked me if I could do a cake for his son’s birthday, I very nearly said no. However, he read my blog and saw that I can be enticed with a fun idea for a cake and said he was thinking of a Super Mario cake. So of course I said yes! I’ve wanted to do a Super Mario cake for years.

The family decided on a 2 tier cake. One tier in the shape of a pipe and one with the Mario background on it.

I started with 3 layers of 6″ round white butter cake and 2 layers of 10″ round chocolate butter cake. Both were filled and iced with vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream before being covered in fondant.


For the pipe tier, I cut 2 layers of cake a little smaller than 6″ and left the last layer full size to make it look like a Mario pipe. I covered the pipe with pieces of fondant to keep the edges sharp.


The family gave me some Mario toys to use as the topper.


After stacking the pipe on top of the bottom tier, I added some royal icing clouds around the pipe. I found a few pictures of Mario backgrounds on Google Images to use as a reference.

I cut all of the shapes of the blocks, coins, hills, clouds, vine and trees by hand and placed them on the cake. The bottom border was 66 blocks all the way around.


After placing the decorations, I hand painted everything with gel food colouring.


I was really happy with the end result.


Yep…I hand painted all 66 border blocks. I almost left them bare, but I’m glad I decided to paint them.



The Super Jack sign was made of hand cut letters and a background all made of fondant. Those pieces were all left to harden overnight and put together with royal icing before being attached to the pipe with royal icing.

This was a fun cake to make. Thanks Chad! Happy Birthday Jack!

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Thomas the Tank Engine Cake

Even though I don’t “officially” do cakes anymore, I like to make the occasional cake for friends or family. This month a friend of mine asked if I could make a Thomas the Tank Engine cake for her son and since I had some time and I like doing kids cakes I agreed. And I’m glad I did. It was a fun cake to make.

I baked 2 12″ square cakes and cut each in half then stacked them.


The chocolate butter cake was filled and iced with Swiss meringue buttercream.



The cake was covered in fondant and all decorations are all fondant with the exception of Thomas’s face which was made of gum paste.








My friend said her son loved the cake. Totally worth it!

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Cartman Cake

Happy New Year!

Back in January I made a cake for my friend’s birthday. Because he let me do whatever I wanted, and because he’s a fan of South Park, I made him a Cartman cake.

The cake was red velvet cake filled and iced with a new icing I wanted to try out – Swiss meringue cream cheese buttercream.

I printed some pictures of Cartman from the front and from the side in the same size as I wanted the cake to be and cut them out to get the right shape for Cartman’s body.


Then I iced the carved cake and put it in the freezer to harden the icing before covering it in fondant.


The end result was a fat little angry cake complete with a double chin.



Because this cake was fairly small I didn’t put any dividers inside the cake. A divider would have made it easier to cut. BUT it turned out the best way to cut it was to decapitate Cartman. Delicious!


Happy birthday old man!

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Air Force Tattoo Cake

My father-in-law Don’s birthday is on Halloween. So we had a party for him today. I wasn’t sure what to for him since I had already made the Harley Davidson logo for him a few years ago. This year he got a great tattoo of the Royal Canadian Air Force logo with his service number and years of service with the air force as well as his father’s service number and years of service. I decided to re-create his tattoo on cake.

I made 2 layers of red velvet cake and iced and filled it with Swiss meringue buttercream before covering it with white fondant.

I’ve gotten bad at taking photos of the cake progress. I got so into painting that I forgot to take pictures.

This is the cake next to a printout of the logo.


The entire logo was painted freehand from looking at the logo and a photo of Don’s tattoo. The only thing I “traced” was the outside of the circle to make sure I got the proportions right. I “traced” it by poking holes in the printout, lining up the logo where I wanted it on the cake, then poked the toothpick through the holes into the fondant for a guide.



Here is the painted logo (with additions) beside the actual logo.



I looked at this photo of Don’s tattoo to get the additions.



Before we cut into the cake I got a picture of the tattoo next to the cake.



Happy Birthday Don!

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Bake Sale Cakes

We had a bake sale at work to raise money for the United Way. I knew lots of people were bringing cookies and cupcakes so I decided to make some small cakes.

I baked 3 Deep Dark Chocolate cakes and 3 green velvet cakes and decorated them like this:




My favorite was the Boston Bruins cake. My favorite team! I’ve made other hockey logos before but this is the first time I’ve been able to make my favorite one. I knew there were a few other Bruins fans at work who would go for it.



This one was because Halloween is just around the corner. Easiest fondant covering job ever!



I made this one kind of girly because I had these flowers left over from another project. This one didn’t sell so I just left it out for people to eat.



And because we live in Saskatchewan I made 3 Roughrider logo cakes.



We sold the cakes for $20 each. 5 sold so I helped raise $100 for United Way!

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